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Specialized therapy and counseling sessions

for non-mongamous people
with Adelita Monteiro

My name is Adelita Monteiro, I am a Psychologist, Sexologist and Couples Therapist based in Brazil. I have an MSc in Equality Studies from University College Dublin and a Postgrad Degree in Project Leadership. I worked for 15 years in community projects in Brazil and Ireland. I am also a Perinatal Educator and Doula and I have coordinated groups of women from rural areas, ethnic minorities, peripheral communities, and I have also done field work, research and campaigns.

I came across Polyamory by chance in 2008 when I was searching on the web for a meetup group that addressed social justice issues which was the subject of my master's degree. I was part of this meetup group for 6 years until I moved back to Brazil in 2014.

Here in Brazil I have been writing on the topic of non monogamy and coordinating support groups for over 6 years. I currently work as a Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist and I manage the page @rcnaomono and @psisnaomono where I address the topics of healthy relationships, polyamory and non monogamy.

I offer individual and couple's therapy sessions in order to help them understand non-monogamy and tailor their own way of loving and connecting with others

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